Hacking the Daily Delays


And the greedy eyes of the Uber surge price robot light up

We’ve already covered some of the inherently long things about living in London. Unfortunately the delay, (arguably the Uhr form of longness), is not only a London-centric experience. It is fundamentally coded into the matrix of modern existence. Perhaps, in a bucolic past, there were no delays. The seasons turned up when they were supposed to, your sheep were never tardy grazers, and your butter remained without rancidity for about as long as you expected it to (plus, when it did go smelly, you could just order some more from your cows).

No such luck these days. Stuff gets delayed, and things often take ages. However, rather than bemoaning an annoying wait, try to see it as a quotidian opportunity to practice a mindfulness exercise. Here’s a few opportunities:

  • When your work computer is taking ages to wake up.
  • When your kettle seems to be taking ages to boil.
  • When you are put on hold on the phone.
  • When you’re waiting for a petrol pump to become free.
  • When your’re six people deep in a tube queue.

Have a go at filling these, otherwise underused moments, with proactive thinking. It’s a great way to eliminate those little surges of stress ad impatience that negatively punctuate your day.



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