Musical silliness to make you smile

It’s hardly a serious philosophical insight to point out that the brilliance of music, beyond it’s ability to stir deep emotional reactions, is that it’s also really fun. For no other reason than a bit of good old silliness, here are Practical Depression’s July highlights from the world of auditory hilarity:

  1. Wintergarten’s ingenious Marble Machine playing the funky and beautiful track ‘Marble Machine’.


    Apparently the machine took the Swedish musician two years to make!

  2. J. Views programming fruit and vegetable to play Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’.

    veg t

    People would definitely eat more veg if carrots were always this cool.

  3. Conservative politician Jeremy Hunt being followed by a man playing a Sousaphone.

Hunt looks more silly than the man carrying a large brass instrument. Genius.




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