Practical Depression’s What’s on TV #1: First Dates (All 4)


‘The first date is like a game of poker. Which card to play, and which card to keep close to your chest.’ Fred, could you be more charming?

The maître d’ of the First Date’s restaurant is a handsome forty-something French man named Fred. Ladies, and indeed men, this should be enough to entice you into watching at least one episode of this light-hearted dating show. Participating singletons are matched with a blind date on the basis of their likes and dislikes. They then meet in a fancy London chop-house overlooked by St. Pauls and subject themselves to a dinner date. The only catch is that the whole thing is being recorded by Channel 4. Every cheeky wink, subtle blush, and game of footsie is caught on film and broadcast to your living room. The camera in the ladies restroom is a particular highlight, capturing frank conversation between girlfriends as the night unravels. Hapless men are left sitting at the table wondering whether they have done enough to secure post-dinner drinks.

The show is really easy watching and exudes positive vibes. It’s charming to see people from all walks of life finding that special person. It’s a good programme to watch if you’re single or if you have a partner, and it’s also a great watch with friends – there’s nothing like laughing about your own previous dating faux pas as some poor soul drops the same clanger in front of your eyes! You can make the show even more fun by placing little bets on the outcomes of the dates. Look out for the hilarious sub-plot going on between two of the waiting staff (Sam and Cici) which is worth a watch in itself.

First Dates is all about people having the confidence to put themselves out there, and reaping the rewards of taking that chance on a blind date. There are six series to get your teeth into, with plenty of laughs in each episode. Who knows, when you’re feeling better it could be your chance to nip down to St. Paul’s and meet the sexy maître d’.

Click here to watch First Dates.

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