Resonating / Music for feeling sad


Samuel Barber looking reassuringly pensive. Alexander J. Morin said the ‘Adagio’ ‘is full of pathos and cathartic passion’. Perfect for when you are feeling contemplative.

When you’re depressed it can be difficult to listen to ‘normal’, cheerful, or happy music as it can just make you feel worse because it sounds jarring or strident.

So – it’s a good opportunity to listen to some of the wonderful, miserable, and most heart wrenching music there is, like Kathleen Ferrier singing ‘What is life?’, ‘Northshore Train’ by Heidi Berry, or even Barber’s ‘Adagio for Strings’ (though that one’s spoiled now by being on too many adverts). And to let it resonate with the way you feel / wash over you – not to wallow in feelings exactly but to acknowledge them and just let them be for a while.

Plus, you can discover new music that suits your mood in the knowledge that other people have been there too, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to write like that.

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